Jun 06, 2024

The Oldest High School in New Jersey is Among the Oldest in U.S.

Let's talk a bit about history, the oldest high schools in America. Family Minded did an article about this topic recently and I wanted to look at our oldest high school here in the Garden State. "While historic and culturally protected buildings typically consist of European castles and churches, it’s easy to forget how far back the United States really goes. There may be a lot of modern skyscrapers and neighborhoods in America, but take a look at one of the oldest pillars of society — the schoolhouse — and you’ll see just how much history we have."

Now my high school, Southern Regional in Manahawkin, was built 66 years ago in 1957. The oldest high school in New Jersey, Columbia High School in Maplewood, was built 209 years ago in 1814. So us "Rams" are a bit younger than the grads at Columbia lol

According to Family Minded, "Located in Maplewood, New Jersey, Columbia High School is not only the oldest school in New Jersey but the 17th oldest school in the country. Best known for being the first public school to embrace Earth Day, the all-day observance is still in practice to this day by way of scientist speakers, seminars and environmental-themed folk songs."

How about your High School? How old is your Alma Mater? Let us know what high school you attended in New Jersey and how old your school is. Post your comments below. Enjoy your summer and let's not think about school til around August 10th. That sounds like a good time to jump into "back to school".