Jun 16, 2023

Best Hiking Compression Socks

A good day on the hiking trails often comes down to your feet. As you reach new heights, you want to ensure you don’t develop blisters and have ample arch support, so you’re probably paying a lot of attention to the hiking shoes that you’re wearing. Yet another way to keep your feet happy while hiking is by encouraging proper blood circulation — something the proper pair of socks can help with.

Wearing compression socks while exercising can increase your stamina and set you up for fewer aches and pains post-workout, according to podiatrist Dr. Michael Mazer, an associate of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. As Mazer previously told HuffPost, the pressure from compression socks can “assist your muscles’ natural ability to help pump blood through and back up against gravity to the heart.”

While you may know hiking socks to be extra thick or have good toe cushioning, online reviews show that many hikers are turning to hiking compression socks to give them support and gentle pressure on the trail.

To help you find a pair of your own, we rounded up some of the highest-rated and most beloved hiking compression socks and hiking socks with compressive zones on Amazon. (Where applicable, we’ve included the socks’ mmHg rating, a unit of measure for pressure.) Whether they’re full compression socks or socks with added compression, they’ll offer more pressure than a classic pair of hiking socks to help with circulation through the highs and lows of every trail.

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